AMBUCS™, is the acronym for American Business Clubs, which is a non-profit (501c3) service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for individuals with disabilities.

The RDU Chapter of National AMBUCS was chartered on 11 March, 2010. We serve children and adults, including disabled veterans in the RDU and surrounding areas (i.e. Fayetteville, Sanford, Hope Mills, etc.).

"Shoulders Together"
we raise funds needed to purchase AmTrykes®, which is a unique therapeutic bike that can be hand and/or foot operated and is designed to accommodate riders of all ages, sizes, and varying degrees of physical limitations. In addition, the AmTryke also helps to increase muscle tone, balance/coordination and it provides individuals with disabilities the freedom to ride!

How do I make a donation to RDU AMBUCS?
Click on the "Donate/PayPal" button below and enter the amount you wish to contribute. Or if you wish to mail your donation, please contact us by email us at rduambucs@yahoo dot com to request our mailing address.
How do I join the RDU AMBUCS Chapter?
You can join or renew your membership right here online. Dues are $40 annually and are tax deductible. Click on the "Join Club AMBUCS" button below.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Amare, our AmTryke Angel Tree Recipient for 2012!!!

This is Amare, our AmTryke Angel Tree Recipient for 2012!!! 
 He was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) was deaf/blind and wasn't expected to live a week after he was born. This little angel has make so much progress over the years. He can now see due to numerous surgeries and he has bilateral cochlear implants. He is also able to walk with a walker. To assist Amare in his progress and enrich his life even more so, the RDU AMBUCS Chapter granted his AmTryke wish for Christmas in 2012. Amare received his bike just after the New Year. He cannot wait for this ice to melt so he can get out there and RIDE!

Wanna help me reach out to other awesome kiddos like Amare? Become a member of AMBUCS!! Or make a donation!! Or host a fundraising event with proceeds going to the RDU AMBUCS Ambility Fund to help us grant more AmTryke wishes.  Contact me at:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 AmTryke Angel Tree

2012 AmTryke Angel Tree

Help make an AmTryke Wish come true
this holiday season by making a donation to
the RDU AMBUCS AmTryke Angel Tree!

Donations can be made online at 
or by mail at:  RDU AMBUCS - P.O. Box 21 - Olivia, NC  28368
Please make checks payable to RDU AMBUCS
**RDU AMBUCS is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible**

Friday, April 13, 2012

RDU AMBUCS + LITITZ AMBUCS = "Shoulders Together" at Easter!!!

You know what I love about being an AMBUC???  I can call on the help of any other AMBUC/AMBUCS Chapter in the country and "Shoulders Together", we do whatever we need to do to make another AmTryke wish come true.  Here's the full story.....

In December, while spending Christmas with some dear friends of mine, I had the pleasure of meeting another wonderful family (my friend's aunt & uncle and their beautiful daughter Dianna) who were in town visiting for a few days.  I was very taken with Dianna, and not just because she was a perfect candidate for an AmTryke, but because she is a lovely young woman that is full of life, love and happiness.  And her laughter and smiles are contagious!!!!  She can fill a heart with joy within a matter of seconds.   

I spoke with Dianna's parents about what AMBUCS is, what we do and why we do it and showed them the AmTryke Catalog so they could visually see what I meant by the word "AmTryke".  They shared with me how they had been longing to ride bikes together as a family and that they had bought a regular bike for Dianna, but that it just wasn't the best fit for her.  In true AMBUCS fashion, it very quickly became my mission to figure out a way to get Dianna an AmTryke.  

So......I dialed up Frank K of the Lititz AMBUCS Chapter & asked for help.  Frank didn't even hesitate, he jumped right in and assisted with getting Dianna fitted for her very own AmTryke.  I ordered up Diann's new wheels, had it delivered to Frank who rounded up a few other Lititz AMBUCS members who took care of assembling the tryke.  And then a few days before Easter, Frank made arrangements to deliver Dianna's bike to her & her family.  It was a wonderful day for Dianna & her family.  

RDU AMBUCS would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Frank K, the Lititz AMBUCS Chapter and the therapist who performed the fitting so that "Shoulders Together" we could grant this Easter AmTryke Wish!!!!

 Dianna giving her dog "Lobo" a ride!!
Dianna & Frank K (Lititz AMBUCS) 

Dianna w/ her Dad (mom is taking the pic) 
and Lititz AMBUCS members

Thursday, March 15, 2012

RDU AMBUCS Honored @ Fayetteville Ladies Power Lunch!!!

On 8 March, 2012 (ironically 3 days before RDU AMBUCS celebrated its 2yr anniversary), Team Daniel, LLC honored us at their Fayetteville Ladies Power LunchThis isn't just any lunch, this is an opportunity created by Denise Mercado, CEO & Co-Owner of Team Daniel LLC,with the mission of bringing a greater awareness to the community about individuals with disabilities.  

Denise and the entire Team Daniel staff, excel in reaching out to individuals with disabilities by spreading the word about resources and support thru networking events such as the power lunch which takes place every quarter.  In addition, Team Daniel LLC publishes a quarterly magazine, "Empowered", which offers a wealth of information and knowledge for people with disabilities.  Be sure to check out their different websites which are linked in this post for your convenience.

Thank you Team Daniel LLC and to all the folks who make the Fayetteville Ladies Power Lunch a success.  RDU AMBUCS is most grateful for your in-kind donation and for helping us spread the word about our organization and our mission for creating independence and mobility for individuals with disabilities.          

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daily Rider....

RDU AMBUCS kicked off the New Year by granting Larry his AmTryke!!!  

Thank you to everyone who donated to the "AmTryke Angel Tree" project so that we could make Larry's AmTryke wish come true.  He was so excited about his cycle, that he's been riding everyday (weather permitting) since receiving it.  This is what being a part of AMBUCS is all about!!! THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012